My Top Five Reasons Why You Should Add Shipwreck To Your Agenda

If  your new to our area and beach sand isn’t quite your thing, we know just the place for some wet family fun—Shipwreck Island Water Park. 

Shipwreck Island is a waterpark in Panama City Beach that has been entertaining tourists and locals alike since 1983. It’s one-of-a-kind charm coupled with it’s affordable prices is what keeps visitors coming back year after year. As a teen, my summers were spent there with my friends and now as a mom, my son loves it just the same. 

As a local and a ten time Shipwreck season pass holder, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 reasons why Shipwreck should be on your tourist agenda. 

1. It’s fun for all ages

Shipwreck has thrill slides, easy slides, kiddie slides, and rafting adventures. It also has a lazy river ride, a wave pool, a zip line, and two kiddie pools. Basically, Shipwreck can satisfy any type of group; from grandma to grand baby, and everyone in between. 

2. Their prices are affordable

 Compared to most water parks, Shipwreck ranks on at the lower end of the spectrum price wise. At $37.98, their 1-day adult pass costs $35 dollars less than Blizard Beach in Orlando and $5.50 less than Big Kahuna waterpark in Destin. If you plan on going three times, you might as well spring for the season pass that only cost $99 bucks. Kids below 50 inches are only $29.98 and kids under 2 are free. There is also a senior price of $24.98.  

3. They sell alcoholic drinks

Who doesn’t want to enjoy an ice cold beer on a hot summer day? Shipwreck has you covered and their options don’t stop at just beer. They also offer a few varieties of wine, wine coolers, and even wine based margaritas and daiquiris. Better yet, the staff doesn’t mind if you bing it along on the lazy river, or in the Tadpole Hole while chasing around your little one. Just make sure to drink responsibly.  

4. Their soft serve ice cream is melt in your mouth good

When I was a kid, I loved the waffle cone Sunday with strawberry syrup, whipped creme, and nuts. Going back as an adult, I was surprised that it was still on the menu and even more surprised when it tasted just as good. If you go, you’ve gotta try it. 

5. It’s new and it’s old

Because Shipwreck has been open since the 80’s it can tend to look a little dated. But I think that element is also what gives it it’s own unique charm. Over the years, they have done some updates and even added a few new attractions. But as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Shipwreck has stayed true to it’s roots and it’s a better spot because of it.